About Communi-T

To support small businesses, our growing team of designers is volunteering their talents to create these limited edition t-shirts. 

The businesses will receive 100% of the profits from the sale of the t-shirts. Note that Community-T is absorbing all minimal administrative costs, so the only costs are those affiliated with purchasing and shipping the shirt.

The designs are one-off designs based on a company’s persona, products or theme.

This is how it plays out:

  1. You buy (Company X) shirt for $30
  2. The print-on-demand solution we chose prints and ships the order to you
Behind the scene:
  1. The printing company charges $15 (approx) to do their work
  2. The remaining $15 goes to (Company X) for its shirt sales

The Community-T site is a basic Shopify site to keep the costs low since we are covering all of the development and support costs.

The goal is to build an online centralized place where you can support local businesses. Your purchase provides these businesses with a new income stream now when they need it. While gift cards are also helpful, the profits from these sales have no future liability for the companies. 

Via social media; the businesses will promote their shirt, the designers will promote their designs, shirt buyers (you) will hopefully promote your purchase, and we will promote everyone involved, and on and on (at least that is the hope) - creating a network effect.

We realize that this effort is a small drop in the bucket, but we want to do whatever we can as a design community to help.

We look forward your support

Matthew Snyder