Designers raise $5k for local businesses [Infographic]

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As the pandemic was spreading around the world, and life was put on pause, a group of DC based designers gathered virtually and decided we could harness the power of creativity to be of service. We volunteered our talents to create limited-edition art, now available for sale on t-shirts through Communi-T. In our first month of operation, Communi-T has distributed over $5,000 to our local small business partners.

“What’s the catch?" The answer is “none.” We built the process to allow each participant to focus on what they love and do best - a true win-win situation. Our creative corp donates their brand specific designs, Communi-T's online system converts this to profitable tee shirt sales with 100% of these profits going directly to the local restaurants. These restaurants remain focused on serving their customers and employees aided by this unique new profit center. With no limit to the need, we expanded beyond restaurants and now serve small businesses across various industries. That small group of designers has grown to a large group of creative professionals from coast-to-coast.

We are so proud of our creative corp, our business partners and the community who has purchased tees, spread the word and together made this difficult time better. See the infographic below for what we have achieved as a community over the last 30 days. Join us!

What we all have achieved in such a short time provides us great confidence that we will persevere through this difficult time. We realize that the toughest times may still be ahead of us but if we band together as a community we can emerge stronger and more connected.

Please help today by buying a uniquely designed new t-shirt, contacting a business that you think would benefit from joining our project, and volunteering your creative talents to the Communi-T family. Follow, like, share us on Instagram, and Facebook and join our mailing list to receive and share updates.

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