Amazing support from all sides

Posted by Matthew Snyder on

Two weeks into this effort and I continue to be amazed by the talent of the designers, the resilience of the businesses and your generosity. 

We have added more businesses and more designers. Our goal is to have enough capacity to help all who need it. Therefore, we are really excited to add more designers to make that happen. This week in addition to the initial crew of Jeff, Casey, Mike, Pete, John, Owen and Emily we have added 5 additional designers. We will be introducing you to each of them over the next couple of days.

Meanwhile this week we have now sold over 130 shirts in a two weeks. Resulting in our ability to distribute over $1,800 in funds to the different businesses. One of the key reasons we were able to generate such great results is the media exposure we are starting to receive. We are very grateful for this since the more people we can get involved and aware of the effort the more support we can provide these businesses.

So thank you very much for your continued support and please spread the word to other businesses we can support, designers that can volunteer their talent and the public who can support the local small business community and look great while doing it in one of these T's!

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